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6 Common Causes of Drain Clogs

drain clogs
February 24, 2017

Dealing with drain clogs is simple part and parcel to life as a homeowner. However, if you ignore them long enough, they may turn out to be your worst nightmare. Even a tiny drain clog can turn into something that can put a stop to your entire plumbing system. Pretty soon, you may find yourself without access to toilets, sinks, and showers. The same fixtures you use every day will suddenly be rendered inactive, making home life incredibly inconvenient. The thing about most clogs is that they’re easily preventable and really come down to how friendly you are to your drains. While it’s tempting to dump household wastes down the drain, discarding some types of waste in your toilets, garbage disposal and sinks can damage your plumbing system. Making all of those repairs can get expensive and before you know it, you’ve wasted a significant amount of money just on drain service. While these consequences are unfortunate, plenty of homeowners out there continue to mistreat their drains and go down a similar path of despair. If you want to avoid falling into a similar trap, you need to consider what’s causing those clogs so you’ll take the right steps in ensuring you won’t have to deal with a similar situation.

Why You Need to Call Eagle Plumbing

Eagle Plumbing is here to ensure those clogs stay far away from your drains. We offer amazing drain cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties eliminating clogs as soon as possible. Our solutions include video camera inspection and hydro-jetting, both designed to make detecting and eliminating clogs from your drains as quick as possible. Our plumbers will consult with you in making sure you’re getting the right solution for your home before any work begins. After all, we want to give you value and if it means finding the right method of drain cleaning for your plumbing system, we are more than ready to help. Thanks to our service, you will be able to enjoy life in your home so much more, especially when you’ll be able to use your most essential plumbing fixtures to their fullest extent. Since clogs will also be less likely to reduce the efficiency of your fixtures, they will enjoy a longer lifespan, meaning you won’t spend so much on replacing them. In addition to saving thousands of dollars, you’ll save so much money on plumbing repair, especially when clogs can lead to even worse problems down the line. Plus, familiarizing yourself with what causes drain clogs will go a long way in helping you take the right steps in avoiding clogs altogether for the future.

Common Causes in Drain Clogs

So, what does cause drain clogs? Well, the next time you want to avoid a plumbing nightmare, make sure to be aware of these common clog causers:

  1. Grease: One of the worst causes of clogs is grease or cooking oil. You may feel tempted to pour any leftover grease from your last meal down the drain, but the reality is that grease can harden and stick to drainage walls, eventually making passage through drains impossible. You should instead discard grease in the regular garbage to avoid the situation.
  2. Soap Buildup: This type of buildup typically occurs in secondary drains like shower and laundry drains. Soap will accumulate in the drain over time, eventually resulting in a major clog that will take more than just a plunger to fix. When combined with hard water
  3. Paper: The only kind of paper to be flushed down your drain should be toilet paper and, even then, larger amounts of toilet paper can be a struggle for drains to pass. Paper towels and printer paper will not breakdown easily.
  4. Larger Pieces of Food: Make sure to cut up food into smaller pieces before throwing it down your garbage disposal. Though the disposal can chop up food before it enters your drains, larger pieces of produce can stop it dead in its tracks.
  5. Coffee Grounds: There is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, but it’s a problem when coffee grounds are poured down the drain. Any licensed plumber will tell you just how often they see coffee grounds as the root of the problem. You can enjoy that cup of Joe, but make sure to store the grounds in the garbage.
  6. Hair: Sink and shower drains are prone to suffer from hair buildup. The best way to combat this is by investing in a strainer keeping hair and soap buildup out, so you can enjoy your next shower without worrying about the possibility of a clog.

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