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Our Plumbing Contractor Reveals How You Can Save Money on Water Bills

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November 11, 2016

A plumbing contractor should be the first person you call this season if you want to know how you can stay away from high costs on water bills. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water per day, with the average homeowner spending $500 on water annually. One small mistake in maintaining your plumbing system may result in you losing a significant amount of money. It happens all too often—a homeowner either ignores their plumbing needs or doesn’t know how to conduct plumbing maintenance at all, leading to a whole bunch of problems they may not be prepared for. In particular, allowing leaks to persist can cost 14% of the water used on a daily basis, meaning you will be paying for more water than you actually used. You should avoid being complacent with your plumbing system and instead take action, even if it means just saving a few dollars more on bills. If you want to ensure you and your family enjoy the colder months stress free, staying on top of plumbing maintenance can be a huge difference maker.

Why You Should Call Eagle Plumbing

Eagle Plumbing will be here to provide you with excellent plumbing services this season, so you should feel free to call us at any time. We have a wide range of plumbing services including drain cleaning, water heater repair and maintenance, pipe repair, and even leaking faucet repairs. We can also provide a home plumbing inspection that will offer a closer glimpse into your plumbing system, and ensure any problem area is fixed immediately. With our service, you can expect greater long-term savings, improved fixture efficiency, and longer system lifespan. You can also discuss with us on how you can upgrade to newer, more-efficient plumbing fixtures that won’t cost you so much on bills. From there, we can see to it that you have new fixtures in your home immediately. Make no mistake, once you call Eagle Plumbing for service, you are guaranteeing greater convenience in your home.

6 Ways to Save Money on Water Bills

In addition to our highly-effective plumbing services, here are some ways you can keep the cost of your water bills down to a low:

  1. Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures: Here is a startling fact that may surprise you: toilets, sinks and showers use up to 41 gallons per person, per day. If these fixtures begin experiencing leaks and other issues, this can be a huge water waster. You may want to upgrade bathroom fixtures with more-efficient fixtures like low-flow toilets, shower heads, and efficient faucets. Not only will these fixtures allow you to save more water, but you will also notice better savings on plumbing repairs and replacements.
  2. Upgrade Water Meters: You should also talk to a plumbing contractor about upgrading water meters. New water meters available today can detect leaks in your home and give you detailed information on your water usage. This will both let you know if you need to change your water usage habits and allow you to see where the majority of your water is going in case you need to fix any leaks.
  3. Be Careful Watering the Lawn: Your outdoor water needs take up a considerable amount of your average water usage, estimating up to 55%.  Much of that is due to the water you use in watering the lawn. Fortunately there are ways you can lower that amount. One way is to install a more efficient drip system which will water the base of the plants instead of dousing the plant. You can also invest in low-maintenance landscaping to avoid wasting more water with your sprinkler system.
  4. Upgrade Dishwashers: Washing dishes by hand will waste you gallons of water, perhaps more than you initially believed. The best solution to this problem is upgrading your dishwasher, which will save over 80% more water.  If you have no choice but to wash dishes by hand, don’t just let the water run, as that may prove to be the biggest water waster of them all.
  5. Reuse Greywater: What you may not realize is that your water supply is recyclable. Any water from showers, faucets, and even laundry water can be used again. A sanitary pipe can keep water separated from city potable water and run it to your toilet, which can save you up to 7,000 gallons of water per year.
  6. Reuse Storm Water: Water from the latest rain storm can actually be recycled using a rooftop drum that can collect and distribute water for landscaping irrigation. Ask your plumbing contractor if there are other ways you can also reuse storm water. Remember: it may rain on your parade, but

Don’t Let Your Water Bill Scare You – Schedule A Time To Talk To A Plumbing Contractor About Ways To Save Money On Water Bills

Contact Eagle Plumbing today if you want to ensure improved savings this fall by learning more tips from our plumbing contractor!