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6 Plumbing Maintenance Questions To Consider for Fall

Plumbing Maintenance Requires Plumbing Fixtures Like These
September 28, 2016

Plumbing maintenance should be atop your to-do list this fall, even before carving pumpkins or breaking out the extra sweaters to stay warm. One drain clog or pipe leak may prove enough to ruin your plumbing system this fall, especially if you decide to forego maintenance. Instead of actually enjoying the season, you may be hampered by unreasonably high costs on energy bills or lower fixture efficiency that will see you have to seek replacement much sooner than expected. Even worse, your entire family may struggle to live conveniently in your home. When you consider just how much everyone relies on fixtures like toilets and showers every day, a lack of maintenance may result in them breaking down and really throwing off the level of convenience in your home.

Why Our Plumbing Maintenance Can Help You

If you want to avoid encountering any plumbing-related trouble later this fall, you should make a plan to call Eagle Plumbing for service. Our team of licensed plumbing contractors can provide maintenance that will smoothen out any rough spots in your home’s plumbing system even before the fall truly gets underway. The homeowner’s comfort means everything to us, which is why our maintenance service will ensure no area of your plumbing system goes unchecked. If any issues are discovered, we can make quick repairs that will ensure they are stopped before they ever get a chance to worsen. Even better, our work improves fixture efficiency, guaranteeing long-term savings on utility bills. You should be able to transition into the fall with ease, and it’s our maintenance that will bring you one step toward making it possible!

The Top 6 Questions to Ask During Plumbing Maintenance

As a responsible homeowner, you should also conduct some plumbing maintenance on your own time in between visits from our team of plumbers. Of course, we understand that there are plenty of homeowners who wouldn’t even know where to begin. In that case, the next time you want to conduct a home plumbing inspection, here are 6 questions to ask yourself during your maintenance check:

  1. How Are Your Water Heater’s Valve Connections? With fall and winter on their way, you cannot risk any issues with water heating. The last thing you want to experience in the midst of winter is no hot water for showers, dishwashing, cooking, laundry, and more. Before the fall gets underway, you need to consider the state of your water heater’s valve connections. Both electrical and gas valve connections should be checked to ensure they are strong enough to handle the colder months ahead. This is especially important for gas valves, as a leak can put the safety of your household at risk.
  2. Are There Any Leaks in Your Fixtures? Water heaters, toilets, sinks, and other fixtures may be leaking without you even being aware. If you notice any puddling on floors, damp spots on walls, or even water stains on your ceiling in the surrounding area of a fixture, you have every right to be concerned. A leak in any fixture, if not treated soon enough, may result in you losing gallons of water and higher costs on water bills. You need to call a professional at Eagle Plumbing immediately for durable repair at the first sign of a serious problem.
  3. Are You Noticing Slower Drainage? So you are noticing slower drainage from toilets and sinks—how? Well, the answer is most likely that a major clog is developing within your drains and it needs to be stopped immediately. Fortunately, drain & sewer service from Eagle Plumbing can provide you with a wide range of solutions to eliminate clogs once and for all, including giving your sewer drains a closer look. But you need to act quickly, before you lose access to your most essential fixtures.
  4. Are Your Pipes Insulated? The fall and winter also bring with it a higher chance of pipes freezing or bursting, which can be avoided if you add the proper amount of foam pipe insulation along the route of your pipes. Of this isn’t done, you may be seeking emergency plumbing repairs from Eagle Plumbing sooner than later. If you have already added insulation, adding another layer of insulation may provide you with extra protection. Pipes should also be inspected for any damage that would greater the chances of you experiencing piping problems later in the year.
  5. Is Your Faucet Dripping? Some homeowners will consider a dripping faucet a minor annoyance at the most, but leaving it unattended proves to be a costly mistake. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that allowing a leaky faucet to persist may result in a loss of 3,000 gallons of water in a year. Water conservation should be a huge deal at any time of year, so it’s time to consider faucet repair from Eagle Plumbing once you first notice a leak that seemingly won’t go away.
  6. How is Your Toilet Working? Testing your toilet’s flushing abilities will prove helpful in letting you know if any repairs need to be made to one of the most important bathroom plumbing fixtures in your home. A continuously running toilet that operates long after you flushed can increase your spending on utility bills, not to mention jeopardize your toilet’s lifespan. It may even indicate that you need to replace the seal within the fixture as well.

Let Our Plumbing Maintenance Services Prepare You For The Upcoming Winter Months

Contact Eagle Plumbing today for high-quality service that will ensure your home remains free of clogs and leaks thanks to our excellent plumbing maintenance!