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5 Things to Consider Before Sewer Line Replacement

sewer line replacement
February 16, 2017

Sewer line replacement is a huge undertaking, but it’s absolutely important in making sure you’re your plumbing continues to work. It’s also a process that can’t you walk into without taking it into serious consideration. When replacing any part of your sewer system, be it the largest pipe or the smallest washer, you should always take the time to consider the unique parts of your sewer system. Though most sewer systems are basically the same, each has pipes that have been laid differently, it may have parts or components that are not common, there may be specific needs that fit your system that are not part of other systems, and so much more. You also need to pay attention to local and state plumbing codes. Since each sewer system is similar but inherently different, the last thing you want is to spend a significant amount of money on service you don’t even need. Imagine having a plumber complete the full replacement process, only to discover you haven’t gotten the service just right for your plumbing system. Though it may seem there is plenty of room for mistakes in the sewer line replacement process, all it takes is a bit more consideration and you’ll get replacement worth every dollar.

How Can Eagle Plumbing Help You?

If you want sewer line replacement done right, please call Eagle Plumbing for service today. We have a dedicated team of plumbers who want to make sure your plumbing system works better than ever. We understand sewer line replacement is a time-consuming process and you want make sure it’s done correctly down to the last detail. That’s why we will consult with you before the replacement process begins to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Knowing what options you have on the table before you ever set out to get a repair can help save you time, money, and effort overall. Since you’ll have so much more knowledge on the subject, you won’t feel so lost when a plumber begins throwing estimates and repair costs at you. Though every sewer replacement starts out looking incredibly messy and scary, with a professional company like Eagle Plumbing, the knowledge that you need to make educated decisions will all come together. Once you get your sewer line replaced, you’re bound to feel more at ease in your home, especially when your entire plumbing system is working efficiently. Our work doesn’t just improve plumbing; it effectively eliminates stress.

What to Consider Before Replacing

Before you go right ahead and replace that sewer line, here are 5 things you absolutely need to consider or else you may have a plumbing nightmare on your hands:

  • Local & State Plumbing Codes: Each neighborhood, city, county and state are going to have codes that are specific to the area. This may include things like how deeply the pipe has to be buried, the pipe material, where the pipe is subverted, etc. Your repair company will likely know the necessary codes but it never hurts to do research on your own time.
  • Locate the House Trap: You need to know where your house trap is located. The trap will help catch anything that may be dropped down the pipes. If your trap is not under your basement floor you may not have added expense. You will, however, have to make room in your budget for having the floor taken up.
  • Type of Pipe: There is a good chance the pipes under your home and yard were placed the way they were for a reason. Our plumbers take the time to consider what part of the yard is safest, most efficient, and best for the location of your sewer pipes. This means that if the pipes are not put back in the exact position and with the same type of pipe you may end up with trouble requiring emergency plumbing service.
  • Look Out for Any Obstructions: Be on the lookout for any roots, rocks, concrete driveways, flower beds and more that can pose an issue for your replacement. They can also add time and money to your repair costs. Your plumber will be able to provide an inspection for you.
  • Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro: Often times homeowners are flabbergasted by estimates and may not want to hire a professional company as a result. There is a simple rule of thumb to follow, the simplest of fixes you will likely be able to work out on your own. If you do not possess the necessary skill or knowledge to fix the issue off hand or with little research, Eagle Plumbing will be able to prevent further damage to your sewer that will cost even more to fix.

Contact Eagle Plumbing today if you want to improve your plumbing system by having us provide you with high-quality sewer line replacement!